Comfortox Cannula™

$ 99.00

Comfortox Cannula™

The #1 Micro-Cannula Specifically Designed for Esthetic and Therapeutic Treatment!

Each Micro-cannula comes with a corresponding pilot hole starter needle

Feel the Amazing Difference

Comfortox Micro-Cannulas ™ are crafted with unsurpassed quality, the right flexibility, and at a very economical price

SuperSmooth™ technology uses multi-faceted micro-polishing to create the most comfortable rounded end for the most comfortable micro-cannula available.

Other Micro-Cannulas are too flexible which means the cannula will dive into deeper planes endangering critical anatomical structures as you lose control of the cannula tip.  

Comfortox Micro-Cannulas are designed with the perfect flexibility so you always know where the tip of the instrument is for the safest injectable delivery possible.

Comfortox Micro-Cannulas are the only micro-cannula endorsed and used in training courses of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics AAFE.

25 per package

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