STATDDS Medical Emergency Platinum Kit

$ 599.00

The Most Reliable Emergency Kit Available for Every Dental Practice!
The StatDDS™ Platinum Emergency Medical Kit is perfect for dental practices looking to meet current standards and really be prepared for medical emergencies.

The contents of the STATDDS™ Platinum Kit are consistent with ADA recommendations for dental emergency medical kits. Protection that’s Simple, Fast and Easy to Administer.
  • Provides medications for the most common medical emergencies in simple to use form
  • Reduces the liability issues most likely created by your current emergency kit by including only those medications that you will actually use
  • Exclusive training DVD with medical emergency in dentistry expert, Dr. Louis Malcmacher DDS, MAGD, with 2 hours of continuing education credit so you will know when to use and how to administer every medication in the kit
  • The only kit on the market with add-on facial esthetic correction pharmaceuticals


  • Choose Between (Adult Kit) Adult Epinephrine Auto Injectors or (Pediatric Kit)  Pediatric Epinephrine Auto Injectors 
  • Benadryl Tablets
  • Albuterol Inhaler
  • Nitrostat Tabs
  • Aspirin
  • Ammonia Inhalants
  • Oral Glucose
  • CPR Pocket Mask
  • Arnica Gel


  • Hyaluronidase for some dermal filler correction
  • Pediatric or  Adult Epinephrine Auto Injectors

STATDDS Refund Policy

Returns: For all Medical Emergency Kits, Oxygen, Pharmaceuticals and Bruxism Monitors unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund. For a detailed explanation of our refund and return policies please click on the link at the bottom of the page. If the product is damaged please contact us for replacement information: 


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