Preorder - Neauvia NPURE

$ 5,900.00 $ 7,900.00

Touchless, whole room disinfectant.
NPure® is a portable and effective disinfectant system designed to achieve uniform, whole room coverage in a variety of settings. Hospital grade sanitizing at home office prices! Safe on electronic equipment.

  • 3μ Dry Fog Vapor Disinfectant

  • Dispensing Device

  • Hands Free & Portable

  • Quick cycle: 2-minutes for a

  • 15x15 ft room

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (HP)

  • solution

  • Odorless & Safe for

  • electronics

  • FDA Class I Device

® automatically delivers a 3-micron aerosolized dry-mist of hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) disinfectant to exposed surfaces within a room. This HPV mist not only covers primary or “high touch” surfaces, but also those hard to reach areas often missed by other disinfectants. 



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