Sleep Apnea and Bruxism Home Monitor

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Send your patients home with a user-friendly monitor, which tests for both sleep apnea and bruxism over one night.

The monitor provides clinically proven results that give you the data you need to effectively treat and diagnose patients.

The device is FDA approved for adults and for pediatric use for children between the age of 2-18.

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Use the monitor to get sleep apnea and bruxism data with 3 simple steps:


Fast and Easy Setup

Your patient follows clear video instructions to hook up the monitor for an overnight study in the comfort of home. The device is compact and lightweight with Bluetooth® technology and adjustable consumables that help keep the patient comfortable.



Immediate Data Download

When your patient returns the monitor, you can immediately plug the USB into your computer and use the included software to view and interpret sleep study data.

Receive Reports

Once you’ve downloaded data into the system, upload results through our secure portal for a board-certified sleep physician report. This service is available for dentists in all 50 states. Purchase a Sleep MD report for a comprehensive analysis of your patient’s sleep study, including:
  • Bruxism and sleep data
  • Treatment options
  • Recommendations
 upload sleep results screenshot
You may use the report to collaborate with your patient’s primary physician, who can provide a diagnosis based on the sleep physician’s recommendations.