The Best Ultrasound Imaging For Facial Esthetics Treatment Includes These Features For Thousands Of Dollars Less Than Any Other Ultrasound On The Market:

    • Powerful advanced software compatible with Apple and Android devices
    • Ergonomic, lightweight ultrasound scanner fits easily into your hand for ultrasound examinations
    • Wifi connection to your Apple or Android tablet or phone
    • Integrated battery with wireless charging and extended battery life eliminates the need, expense and frustration of charging stations and extra batteries
    • Scanning modes include B mode, M mode, Color Doppler, Pulse Wave Doppler, Power Doppler Imaging all included at no extra cost!
    • Unique time gain function for better imaging of facial anatomy without the need for more expensive devices
    • Unparalleled measuring capabilities including length, area, circumference, angle and trace
    • Ultrasound guides included for guided injections of fillers or hyaluronidase
    • Includes a one-year warranty*
    • Free tech support for set up
    • No subscriptions or registrations required
    • Simplified image and video storage using your own device
    • Frequency: 10-14 MHz  
    • Depth: Up to 4 centimeters
    • Weight:  Only 8 ounces / 230g
    • Head Length:  25mm ideal for identifying facial anatomy

What’s Included

      • Wireless ultrasound scanner
      • Aluminum carrying case
      • Ultrasound injection guides
      • Advanced scanning modes included
      • Powerful advanced software
      • Wireless charger and charging cord for quick charge 
      • How To Set Up The Wave FETM On Demand Training


Pricing Options

The Wave FETM

      • $2997 intro price, save $1000 for a very limited time (regular price $3997)

The Wave FETM plus AAFE Complete On Demand 4 Hour CME Certification Training

      • $3597 intro price, save $1100 for a very limited time (regular price $4697)

    Training provided by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics AAFE – See CME Certification Course Training Outlines at


    THE WAVE FETM Clinical Classroom


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    Anatomy Mapping With The Wave FETM Saved a Vascular Occlusion on This Patient 


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    What Doctors Are Saying About Ultrasound For Facial Esthetics

    "Ultrasound imaging is the best tool for the best and safest esthetic outcomes. It is invaluable for complications management, we can now deliver hyaluronidase with pinpoint accuracy with ultrasound guided injections. With the Wave FE, there is now an affordable ultrasound imaging that is optimized for facial esthetics with easy to use software so you are up and running immediately. The Wave FE is the AAFE ultrasound imaging of choice for all AAFE certification training programs."

    - Dr. Louis Malcmacher, AAFE President


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