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Comfortox Restore After Care For Injectables, Energy Based Treatments and Microneedling

Immediate Post Treatment Skin Care – Soothe. Hydrate. Restore.

Sold in bundles of 5 kits ($55 each) , 10 kits ($50 each), or 15 kits ($45 each)

Comfortox Restore Immediate Post Treatment In Chair Protocoli

Step 1:  Spray face with Comfortox Restore Face Mist to cool and soothe the face

Step 2:  Apply the Comfortox Restore Face Serum and gently rub into the treated areas.

Step 3:  Apply the Comfortox Restore Face Cream to hydrate, moisturize and accelerate healing

Comfortox Restore After Microneedling Treatment

Comfortox Restore After Fractional Laser Treatment


Comfortox Restore At Home Use Post Treatment

  1. Restore Gentle Face Wash (morning/night)

Directions: Use one pump of wash with warm water, gently cleanse the face for 1 minute and rinse with warm water.

This face wash is mild and gentle enough to use morning and night to help combat redness, bruising and swelling.

  1. Restore Face Serum (morning/night)

Directions: Use dropper and apply 1-2 pea sized drops evenly to face and neck.

Used twice daily, this face serum blend helps with immediate relief of heat, redness, burning or inflammation on skin. Restore face serum provides superior hydration and comfort post procedure.

  1. Restore Face Cream (morning/night/as needed)

Directions: Use a pea sized amount and apply liberally to the face and neck.

This soft, velvety cooling cream has superior hydration with a proprietary blend of Hyaluronic acid. This cream is made for the post-procedural period to help calm the skin and hydrate the skin while aiding in healing of any burn, bruising or inflammation and also helps with cell regeneration.

  1. Restore Refreshing Face Mist (as needed)

Directions: Spray on liberally as needed for burning, warmth or itching of face/neck.

This refreshing face mist produces calming effects on the skin. It gently cleanses the skin and helps quickly relieve redness, burning, swelling and irritation.

1 week Post-Treatment

Restore Face Polish (To be used after you cleanse, then repeat remaining steps above)

Directions: Use a pea sized amount with warm water and apply to the face in soft, circular motion. Gently exfoliate for 30 seconds and rinse.

This acute face polish is like a mini-microderm for the face, neck and décolleté.

With tiny finite like minerals, this polish, when used 7 days post-procedure will help slough off any remaining dead skin cells on the surface of the skin while providing an anti-inflammatory and anti- bruising blend of Blue Tansey, Lavender and Calendula.


Number of Kits

5 Kits – $55 each, 10 Kits – $50 each, 15 Kits – $45 each

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