STATDDS Home Sleep Test and Bruxism Monitor

$ 299.00


STATDDS in conjunction with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics is now offering  a special program for the diagnosis of Dental Sleep  Apnea and Bruxism.  The goal is to allow  dentists to start testing and treating Dental Sleep Apnea and Bruxism immediately while minimizing overhead. Getting started is as easy as reviewing the attached contract, printing it, signing it and sending it back. If you are an member please call for the discount code on the monthly rental and we will provide you with it. The payment will be your first months rental payment depending on which term you selected. 

 ¨  6 Month Rental - $399 a month

¨  1 Year Rental - $319 a month

¨  2 Year Rental - $299 a month

-  Purchase - $5,689.90

¨  members pay $20 less per month except on six month rental.

- Rentals include 3 sets of consumables (one set per patient use) and purchase will include 10 sets of consumables.

Please complete form to download the rental contract.


  • Recording time > 30 hours including true audio recording
  • PC communications USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
  • Internal Signals Thorax & Abdomen RIP Respiratory Effort + RIP Flow
  • Flow Pressure/CPAP pressure Snore signal
  • Audio recording channel
  • 2x bipolar channels (EMG, ECG, EEG, etc.)
  • BPOS position, Actigraphy
  • Flow/Pressure signal Stainless steel, 5mm pressure seal connector 25cmH2O input pressure
  • Wireless External Signals SpO2, Pulse, Plethysmograph,
  • SpO2 signal quality
  • Wireless Interface Bluetooth V2.0 Wireless interface with Nonin oximeter
  • Bruxism Monitor comes with 2 year warranty included in purchase price

Upon delivery of the Sleep and Bruxism monitor , STATDDS will provide a one to two hour phone training for dentist and staff to instruct on using the device, downloading data, interpreting results, and how to upload to our board certified sleep physicians for your patient’s diagnosis.  There is an additional charge for each test scored and interpreted by a board certified sleep physician.

Hear Dr. Gordon Christensen and Dr. Louis Malcmacher discuss bruxism monitoring and Botox:


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“The bruxism/sleep monitor (STATDDS) can determine the presence of bruxism before treatment, before wear facets appear, is an excellent sleep monitor that is simple to use and the company manages the medical aspects, I think that is extremely important.” 
Dr. Gordon Christensen, Provo, Utah

"My team and I completed the Bruxism Therapy/Dental Sleep Medicine and Medical Billing course. I used the Medicare enrollment specialists at STATDDS.  I and my entire staff are competently diagnosing and providing treatment for Bruxism and Obstructive Sleep Apnea to our patients and doing all of the billing in house.  The courses were concise, very thorough, much better than any other course I have ever taken and took all the mystery out of the entire process.  This knowledge has provided a new source of patient treatment and revenue which is increasing our production by 50%. Many thanks to everyone at STATDDS."
Dr. I. Stier, New York

STATDDS Refund Policy

Returns: For all Medical Emergency Kits, Oxygen, Pharmaceuticals and Bruxism Monitors unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund. For a detailed explanation of our refund and return policies please click on the link at the bottom of the page. If the product is damaged please contact us for replacement information: 


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